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Litigation Support Services

Inscribe BPO assists law firms and corporate law departments to overcome the challenges associated with information access, control and dissemination. From capture and coding to duplication and distribution, Inscribe BPO leverages the latest technology to create efficient document management solutions for our clients.

Cost Efficient

Our services are designed to help corporations identify, control and ultimately reduce legal document management costs — no matter which outside counsel is handling a case. By partnering with Inscribe BPO most corporations realize immediate savings and gain the ability to track their costs by case.

Quality Assurance

When it comes to legal document production, quality is the bottom line. At Inscribe BPO we employ the most rigorous and comprehensive quality control process in the industry. The result of our efforts is a quality compliance record that averages 99.9% on every project we handle. Training is the main reason for these consistently high marks. Every employee must successfully complete an intensive training program before handling any client documents. Ongoing training is also provided in both production and litigation management techniques to ensure we maintain our exceptional quality standards.

Our Services include:

Litigation Coding

We offer a single-source document management solution to the legal industry. Professionally staffed and equipped, our centers in India offer resources tailored to client specifications, from basic copying, mailroom management and equipment leasing to complex, technology-based document services such as desktop publishing, imaging, electronic scanning, storage and retrieval and distribution.

We Offer professional Data capture services for litigation support firms, law firms, corporate counsel and government agencies in order to search the data for litigating cases.

Bibliographic Coding

Our professional team provides Bibliographic-coding services from the well-formatted LDD files. The bibliographic fields are :

  • Document Date.
  • Document Type.
  • Document Characteristics
  • Document Title
  • Names field – Author, Recipient and Copyee


We also provide more comprehensive service along with bibliographic coding and relevant data extrapolated from the body of the documents such as:

  • Names
  • Organization Names
  • Marginalia Names
  • KeyWords
  • In-text Dates

Unitization & Logical Document Determination

Our team is well experienced in coding the Sequential Logical Documents from the raw images and determining the logical Parent-Child relationship for those documents. The LDD includes the following field.

  • Beginning Bate Number
  • Ending Bate Number
  • Beginning Attachment Number
  • Ending Attachment Number

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

We provide OCR of the image set with or without coding and unitization

Image Conversion

Inscribe BPO is able to convert images to all industry standard formats

Bates Capture

This process involves the capturing of the stamped bates number from the image, the output can be delivered either in the image levels or Document level.

We will also perform necessary load file creation as per the captured bates number and provide the client with renamed images and modified load files as per the requirement.

Database Design

We possess the technical proficiency and experience to address a wide variety of database and image issues that our clients may face. Whether combining or extracting from an existing database or manipulation of one or more fields we can provide a solution.


Inscribe BPO offers a broad menu of data entry related services. We can enter data from scanned images or physical documents. We make use of the latest software and hardware technology specifically developed for rapid and accurate data entry.

Data Entry – Our Expertise Inscribe BPO is extremely sensitive and cognizant of the need to protect our customer’s data during data entry with stringent security procedures. Fast turnaround projects, even as short as 8 hours, are also doable.

Inscribe BPO can provide the data in a variety of ways. An FTP site or e-mail is currently the most popular choices but magnetic media such as CD- ROM. Inscribe BPO supports all popular file formats such as ASCII, comma delimited, fixed length and can even provide data in files requiring custom coding or tagging such as XML. Our outcome is a clean, accurate, uniform digital file, formatted to your specifications.

Forms Processing

Forms processing in Inscribe BPO Solution begins with the conversion of paper or other documents into digitized images. These images can be easily organized and quickly retrieved, indexed and archived. When files are scanned or electronically converted at Inscribe BPO a high resolution digital copy is stored on a hard drive or optical disc.

Templates, or electronic index cards, can have information attached to them, such as author, reference number, date created, or key words. Files can still be viewed, printed, shared and stored. The access to these documents depends on the level of security that the system administrator has assigned to the user.

Document Review

Inscribe BPO Offshore Document Review, Electronic Data Discovery and Litigation teams deliver world-class electronic data discovery and electronic document review to our clients. We work with our corporate law department clients and outside counsel to provide them with analytic litigation support services in situations ranging from limited reviews to large-scale electronic document review projects.

We analyze and organize electronic documents for relevance, materiality, confidentiality and privilege. We validate software-generated objective and subjective coding results. And our full-time employer teams provide full scale document review services and project management.Our team integrates superior Indian legal talent, extensive U.S. litigation document management services experience, meticulous and complete compliance with U.S. legal and ethical principles, and compelling cost savings – to deliver substantial value to our clients.

On every electronic document review and litigation support project, our clients benefit from a professional review team that is:
Managed by experienced, litigation-tested Indian. attorneys who have successfully supervised substantive large-scale onshore and offshore document reviews.
Supported by state-of-the-art communications and information technology systems designed and maintained by world-class pedigreed IT professionals.

Appellate document preparation & Printing

Preparing appeals documents (Record/Appendix/Brief) requires significant attention to detail. Both content and format must be compliant with the rules of each individual court. Speed and accuracy are important but a quick response to changes and updates are even more important.

Knowledge of appellate procedures, advanced reading comprehension, language proficiency, and computer expertise are the skills required for appellate document preparation.

Inscribe BPO team has all these skills along with the experience necessary to offer an end-to-end solution for all your Appellate Document preparation needs. Including: Covers, Tables of Contents, Records/Appendices/Briefs, Certifications, and more
• Initial Review
• Record / Appendix
• Brief
• Digital Process


Inscribe BPO has the latest technology, training, and experience to assist you with all of your needs in the process of electronic discovery. This includes the collection, preparation, review and production of electronic documents in litigation discovery, inclusive of e-mail, memos, letters, spreadsheets, databases, office documents, presentations, attachments, and other data stored on a computer, network, backup or other storage media.

Inscribe BPO usually receives the material in native format, and then converts it to tiffs for use in databases, or to PDFs.

Medical Records Processing

Inscribe simplifies your workflow by helping you with organized medical records and analysis. We organize medical records and extract the needed patient’s information and create easy-to-read reports utilizing our web based solution. It is often the small detail contained in the medical records that can change the outcome of a case, if overlooked. We find that information, translate it into simple terms, and create clear, concise reports, bringing issues in front and center for your use in case preparation or defense.

Our system of medical records analysis is focused, can progress in phases to put you in control. It is a system built to provide you with the most efficient and accurate service. Our services enable you to control and reduce costs.

Inscribe affords you the maximum flexibility in the types of medical record analysis reports you wish to bundle by case or group. Additionally, we prepare reports to suit your need, serving insurance companies, defense, plaintiff, corporations, medical doctors and a wide variety of experts.

Our Services include:

  • Medical Records Sorting and Categorizing
  • Indexing and Bookmarking
  • Medical Record Organization and Analysis
  • The Comprehensive Medical Summary
  • Clinical Summary | Peer Review

Graphics & Animation

INSCRIBE GRAPHICS PRIVATE LIMITED is a professionally-managed company providing Graphic Designs, Artwork, Embroidery digitizing, and Data Entry services. The production unit is based in India and Marketing office in San Francisco, CA, United States.

INSCRIBE GRAPHICS PRIVATE LIMITED is your premier resource for a total graphic design solution. With years of garment, 3D services and promotional products industry experience, our in-house artists and digitizers have skills unrivaled in the industry. Our state-of-the-art technology and attention-to-detail quality assurance procedures ensure customers to receive first-quality work with assured delivery times, tailored to meet their needs.

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