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Why Inscribe?

We are a leading provider of outsourcing solutions for various complex business communication and information management needs. Our services include document and data management, litigation support, imaging and printing. Our solutions enable our clients to create, access, control, analyze and communicate critical information for key business initiatives, such as targeted customer marketing, complex regulatory compliance and business decision making. We integrate proprietary technologies, industry-specific processes and outsourced services into flexible, easy-to-use, comprehensive service offerings.

The one-stop source for Offshore Litigation Coding, Logical Document Determination, Medical Records and Summarization, Graphic Design and Animation Services.

Security & Confidentiality

At Inscribe BPO , we protect and honor the confidentiality of all client information. Over the last 14 Years our management team has implemented a proven, successful security plan that is continually evaluated and updated to meet the dynamic landscape of client and legal requirements.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Our employees understand how the use of digitized documents provides litigators a strategic advantage in the courtroom. They also understand the sensitive nature of digital materials and the vulnerabilities inherent in working with them. Above all, Inscribe BPO employees understand their frontline role in safeguarding client data, regardless of its format, origin, or method of storage.
All employees are trained on the proper techniques for handling client information. In addition, they participate in regular process reviews to ensure their complete understanding of and compliance with our stringent security policies.

Physical Security

All of our facilities are physically secured and externally monitored. Access to production equipment and client documents is strictly limited to those employees working directly with the project files. Every facility is monitored 24/7 to prevent any unauthorized off-hour access to the buildings and client documents.

The management team assigned to your project is responsible for ensuring that all documents and project-specific materials are accounted for and maintained within the designated project area. Project Managers use a variety of manual and electronic tracking logs to monitor the location of documents as well as the progress of the project. At no time do production manuals or project-specific materials leave the designated project area. All information created by Inscribe BPO or provided by the legal team is treated as confidential and proprietary.

Our Commitment to Confidentiality

Confidentiality is an integral part of each employee’s commitment to our clients. Everyone at Inscribe BPO , from the management team through the production staff recognizes that maintaining client confidentiality is paramount to delivering a quality work product.

Staff members do not discuss or disclose any information obtained while working on a project. To reduce the amount of exposure that our employees have to project-specific information, Project Managers assign code names and/or numbers so that the employees not assigned to that particular project are unaware of the client name or litigation matter.
Every Inscribe BPO employee signs a Confidentiality Agreement upon beginning their employment with Inscribe BPO . When requested, our staff members sign project-specific or client-specific confidentiality agreements as well.